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Meet Your Neighbors with Your Own Wine Pairing Event!


Our Compass Pointe residents always tell us how much they love getting to know their neighbors! In the spirit of being social we wanted to encourage our residents to get to know their neighbors by hosting their own wine pairing events! Get in touch with friends, family, and neighbors to try something new! Here are some pairings we’ve suggested for you:

Riesling with Fresh Fruit: Select a Riesling that is drier than the typical US sweet varieties and pair it with a colorful plate of fresh fruits such as pineapple, strawberries, and red and green grapes.

Chenin Blanc with Stuffed Mushrooms: Find a medium-dry chenin blanc to complement the smooth flavors of goat cheese stuffed mushrooms. Mix the goat cheese with some roasted red pepper flakes, parsley, garlic, and salt for bolder flavor.

Chardonnay with Brie: Brie is such a delectable, creamy cheese. Plate it with options of light crackers, fig spread, and apple slices and serve with an oaked chardonnay.

Pinot Noir with Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Select a smooth pinot noir and serve it with plump sea scallops that have been wrapped in bacon and broiled. Pour a melted butter, garlic, and lemon mixture over the scallops and enjoy!

Sangiovese with Bruschetta: Prepare a plate of slightly spicy sundried tomato bruschetta and serve it with a relatively young sangiovese-based wine. The acidity in the sangiovese will balance the spices in the Italian appetizer.

Syrah with Mini Pork Kabobs: Grill up some mini pork kabobs with pineapple and green pepper to balance the powerful flavors of an earthy Syrah.

In addition to our ideas have some fun looking up pairing ideas of your own! We hope you take the time to expand your taste in wines and meet some new people in the weeks to come. Let us know if you host your own wine pairing event!

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It’s Simple: Living in North Carolina is Great!


Lately the weather here in the Leland/Wilmington area of NC has been lovely, with the forecast for the weekend proving to continue the trend. Clear skies with a crisp 50 degree temperature in February is just one reason why living in North Carolina is great. We don’t mean to boast, but there is so much to love about this state. This week we chose to highlight our three favorite things about living in North Carolina!

Coastal and Mountain Getaways
What vacation are you in the mood for? Only a few hours in the car separate a tropical beach vacation and a rustic mountain vacation in North Carolina. Towns like Blowing Rock, Boone, and Asheville offer outstanding mountain views, cool temperatures, and live bluegrass to their visitors. Feeling outdoorsy? Ziplining, hiking, rafting, and camping are popular outdoor activities in our mountainous cities, while beach strolls, boat rides, and fishing are common on the coast. Our Outer Banks and Kure, Carolina, and Wrightsville beaches provide warm relaxation for our residents and visitors along with delicious seafood and outdoor music. Ah, no matter which end of the state you visit, serenity is guaranteed.

Impressive Institutions
North Carolina is filled with some of the nation’s highest accredited universities. Duke, Chapel Hill, NC State, and Wake Forest are among the many impressive institutions in this state. Not only are these colleges great options for the up-and-coming youth who reside here, but they all boast beautiful campuses in prestigious towns that make for a lovely place to visit. Not to mention the enthralling sports action!

Action-Packed Sports
Unfortunately, we all know how frustrating it can be to watch a Panthers game, but North Carolina is still filled with action-packed sports. NASCAR events, the PGA Wells Fargo Championship, and Hurricanes hockey, Panthers football, and Bobcats basketball games combined provide many options for exciting sporting events. Let’s not neglect what really makes NC sports great, though. As mentioned above, some of the nation’s greatest college basketball action stems from our schools. Duke, Chapel Hill, and NC State provide some of the highest-action, intense rivalry basketball games you can find in the US.

We could talk much more about the benefits of living in beautiful North Carolina, but to be courteous of your time we will save some for a later post! What is it that you love about North Carolina?

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Saturdays are Scrumptious in Wilmington


Are you a victim of boredom-induced hunger, or perhaps a seeker of new adventures? Good news! Every Saturday (yes, every Saturday!) Culinary Adventures hosts TWO exciting downtown Wilmington food walks. While similar in theory, the two tours are quite different, both offering the opportunity to taste some of Wilmington’s best bites. Take your pick:

Top Chef Farmer’s Market Tour & Cooking Class
This tour gives you the opportunity to join guide Liz Biro and one of the kitchen staff members from Manna at the Riverfront Farmers Market. Get a first look at how a talented chef selects the freshest, highest quality ingredients, and then travel back to Manna for a hands-on cooking lesson! What makes this even better is that this tour starts at Hot Pink Cake Stand with coffee and cakes, yum! Discover your inner chef and feel like a pro!

Heart of Downtown
We hope you’re hungry! Meet at the Riverwalk at the Market and Water St. intersection to take a stroll through Wilmington and visit seven of its tastiest restaurants. The restaurants vary by week, but wherever you go you will sample some of the best items on their menus and have the opportunity to tour the kitchens and meet some of the chefs. To top it all off you’ll receive a cooking lesson at one of the restaurants. Take this tour and soon you’ll be an expert of Wilmington cuisine!

For pricing and booking information visit the Culinary Adventures website. Which tour will you attend, or will you try out both? Let us know!

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With So Many Options, How Will You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

ImageIt’s the Monday before Valentine’s Day, which means all the lovebirds out there are making their plans for a night of romance: a nice steak and lobster dinner out, perhaps, or maybe a romantic evening in with a swanky homemade dinner and a bottle of Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. As lovely as that all sounds, Wilmington has a couple of options for any couples who are looking to liven up their Valentine’s Day this year:

The East Coast Shag Classic: not only a romantic and exciting event, the East Coast Shag Classic also functions as a fundraiser for “Women of Hope,” an organization that supports women with breast cancer. Hosted at the Blockade Runner, this event takes place from Thursday to Sunday with options of one, two, or three night stays at the resort with breakfasts for two, and other features depending on your selected package. Live music, romantic dinners, and shag lessons are all available to spice up your Valentine’s Day this year.

The Hearts for Hope benefit of the Shag Classic features a special Valentine’s Day package, which includes one night and breakfast for two at the resort, dancing, beach music by two shag bands, and a dessert reception and open cash bar. Find out more on the East Coast Shag Classic website.

Valentine’s Day Cruise: one of the key benefits of living in this beautiful area is access to both river and ocean. Is your sweetheart a fan of the captivating water? Wilmington Water Tours is hosting a Valentine’s Day Cruise, perfect for you and your first mate.  Starting with a dockside champagne reception at 5:00pm, you can expect an hour and a half long cruise with outstanding hors d’oeuvres and live music. Does this sound like the perfect date for you? Find out the details by calling 919.338.3134 or visiting the Wilmington Water Tours website.

As exciting as the above options are, if the traditional elegant dinner out is more your style, don’t forget that Wilmington has an extended list of exceptional restaurants where you can find great food, a romantic atmosphere, and an impressive wine list. You can even follow dinner with a ride in a charming horse-drawn carriage. Feeling casual? Order a delicious pizza from Pizzetta’s and turn on When Harry Met Sally. We hope the evening with your lovebird is one that is not easily forgotten, no matter how you choose to celebrate!

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Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival, This Weekend!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 1.04.24 PM







Who’s got a sweet tooth? Any winos out there? Well then you can’t afford to miss this weekend in downtown Wilmington! Regional vintners and chocolatiers will be offering their best for sampling and sale at the Wilmington Wine and Chocolate Festival. The event will kick off on Friday at from 7-10 pm with a Grand Tasting. The Grand Tasting will include  an array of mouth-watering heavy hors d’oeuvres to the scintillating sounds of Sharp Nine Jazz Ensemble. This year’s “Featured Artist” is James Nelson, dentist-turned-Artist after becoming legally blind.

The festival will continue through Saturday and Sunday with tasting tours of the best Carolina wineries, sample sweets from the area’s best chocolate producers, plus experience demonstrations, informal talks, raffles and more.

Nothing evokes pleasure more than wine and chocolate. As you revel in the best of the good things in life, take time to appreciate the work of Wilmington’s fine artisans all on the beautiful backdrop of the Cape Fear River. Relax and learn from the experts new ways to enjoy wine and chocolate at a demonstration or informal talk.

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Red Carpet Madness!


As you probably know, Wilmington is bursting with film culture.  We are home to the biggest sound stage east of Hollywood!  Movies and television shows are constantly being shot around town and there’s a good chance you’ll catch site of a famous actor or actress if you keep your eyes peeled.

You’ll often see movies being shot in the street or catch a glimpse of a stage set up in a local restaurant but it it rare that you get the opportunity to go inside Screen Gems, the biggest sound stage. Well here’s your opportunity! The well known independent Film Festival, Cucalorus, will be hosting An Evening at the Oscars in the Screen Gems Studio on February 24th at 7pm! The event will feature red carpet madness, dinner and drinks, and a viewing the Academy Awards on big screens. So put on your best and join Cucalorus for a night! All proceeds go to the 19th Annual Cucalorus Film Festival.  PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE.

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New Property Release Weekend!

Have you been wondering what Compass Pointe was all about? Well, now you’ve not an excuse to come and see! Compass Pointe will be hosting a  New Property Release Weekend on February 15-18. There is so much to explore and enjoy you’ll wish you could stay!  View the weekend itinerary here>>

During your 4 day 3 night stay you will be provided with water front accommodations in historic downtown Wilmington, NC. Throughout your stay you will have the opportunity to meet the developers and check out the newly finished Grand Lanai, take tours of the Compass Pointe Grounds (Golf Cart or Kayak – your choice!), and see historic downtown Wilmington, NC! You will also enjoy special purchasing incentives and fun giveaways throughout the weekend!

We are so excited to meet all or our potential new residents and for you to see all that Compass Pointe has to offer! RSVP because spaces are limited! If you are able to attend one of our Sneak Peek Parties you could win a $500 travel voucher for the weekend!


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